30 april 2018

Ural Industrial Biennial won the Innovation prize and got other major awards and nominations

It’s notable that Biennial projects were short-listed in four nominations: Project of the year (4th Ural Industrial Biennial), Regional project (Worldbuilding), Educational project (Mediation) and Curator of the year (Between Fatigue, from the Biennial’s parallel program). In previous years the Ural Biennial won the Innovation prize in various nominations except the principal one. This year success is a demonstration of professional recognition and project’s remarkable place in the contemporary art process.

Ural Lights, the main project of the performance platform got the Pop-mechanics Grand-prix from the Serguey Kuryokhin prize. The awards ceremony was held on April 17 in St. Petersburg: “This year the Grand-prix was unanimously awarded to the Ural Lights from Ekaterinburg industrial biennial. It’s a really strong project that fits perfectly in this nomination” observed Anastasiia Kuryokhina, artistic director of the Serguey Kuryokhin center for contemporary arts.

Besides two major Russian prizes, the Ural Industrial Biennial was shortlisted in the Exhibition of the Year nomination at the VI The Art Newspaper Russia award. According to the awards experts, the project was one of the three best exhibitions in Russia in 2017.