Dear visitors!
In order to purchase an e-ticket please follow the guidelines:


1. Select a service
Upon selecting a service with an open date (visiting permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions) for all categories of citizens (adults, preferential) the system fixes the current date of placing the order. The e-ticket gives the right to visit the Center at one time.

Upon selecting a service with a specific date (visiting concerts, exhibitions, lectures, etc.) for all categories of citizens (adults, preferential) the system fixes the specific date and time of the event. After choosing a service please click the “BUY” button.

2. Place an order
Before further placing an electronic order and making a payment please read the terms of the user agreement. If you accept the terms of the user agreement please select the appropriate field. Select the category and number of visitors, specify your e-mail address for the feedback, and click the “PLACE AN ORDER” button. To confirm the order the order number and the verification code will be sent to your e-mail address.

3. Order confirmation
The confirmation of the order is given 60 minutes. During this time you need to provide the following information for further processing the e-order:

4. View order
You have 1 hour and 30 minutes to decide on the payment. If the payment is not placed during this time, the order is cancelled.

5. Payment
In case of successful payment, you receive an e-mail with the order number and a link for printing an e-ticket with the status “PAID” on it.

Payment methods
- Cash
- Credit / Debit card

To select a payment with credit / debit card you need to click “PAY WITH CARD” on the corresponding page. The payment goes through PJSC SBERBANK with using cards of the following payment systems:

7. Visiting
An e-ticket must be presented to the cashier either on paper or on mobile device. 

If you purchased e-tickets with an open date, the e-ticket is valid for 30 days since the date of placing the order.

If you indicated you name on the e-ticket, you must present a document confirming your identity to the cashier.

If you purchased a discount ticket for preferential categories of visitors, you must present a document confirming your status. If you purchased an e-ticket and want to change the date and time, you need to cancel the current order, see Refund policy, and place a new one.

If you made a purchase and did not receive a link with e-tickets, or the link did not open, you can receive tickets at the box office of the Center on the day of visit.

Box office hours
Instrument-Making Plant, 17 Gorkogo street: TUE-SUN 12:00-20:00;
Ural branch of the NCCA-ROSIZO, 19A Dobroliubova street: TUE-SUN 12:00-20:00
MON — closed