Federal state budget cultural institution "Ural branch of the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO"



1.1. A bank card is a tool for the holder to carry out transactions with the funds held by the bank that issued the card in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the contract with the issuing bank.
1.2. Bank-acquirer - PJSC "Sberbank".
1.3. A ticket is a document made on a strict reporting form that gives the right to attend events, exhibitions, exhibitions.
1.4. Return - the return of the cost of the Electronic Ticket / Ticket cost / the cost of the Order on the terms of this User Agreement.
1.5. Center - Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture "State Museum and Exhibition Center" ROSIZO ".
1.6. Order - one or several Tickets for one Event, exposition, exhibition selected by the Client from the System and united by a common identification number on the basis of which the temporary withdrawal (booking) of these Tickets from the total sale in the System is effected.
1.7. Cash desks of the Center are cash offices of the Federal State Budgetary Cultural Institution "State Museum and Exhibition Center" ROSIZO "for the sale of Tickets.
1.8. Client - an individual who has reached the age of 18 years, or an authorized representative of a legal entity performing operations with the Bank card on the basis of an agreement with the issuing bank that have registered on the Site and use the Site to receive information and order Tickets.
1.9. The event - scientific and educational events, exhibitions in the hall or on the open area, excursions, as well as any other events held by the Center with a specific date and time of visit.
1.10. Payment for the order is confirmation by the System of the fact of writing off the funds from the Customer's Bank Card.
1.11. Payment - transfer of funds in the amount of the Order Value to the account of the Center with the help of the Bank card.
1.12. Purchase - the fact of payment of the Order, confirmed by the Electronic Ticket, which is exchanged for free at Tickets in the Ticket offices.
1.13. Rules of payment systems - a set of documents regulating the operation of payment systems VISA, MasterCard, MIR.
 1.14. The site is the web-site of the Center, placed to the electronic address: http://uralbiennale.ru/, intended for accommodation of the information and booking of Tickets.
1.15. The system (payment system) is a set of financial institutions, united on a contractual basis, and also includes the software, hardware and technical means of TicketNet, providing information and technological interaction necessary for making settlements between the "Buyers" and the "Seller".
1.16. Agreement - this User Agreement.
1.17. The cost of the Order is determined by the parties for each Order based on the current quotations of the Center at the time of placing the Order on the Site.
1.18. Parties - the Center, the Client.
1.19. Electronic ticket - a document in electronic form or on paper, confirming the fact of the Customer's payment of the Order on the Site. The electronic ticket is not a Ticket and does not entitle you to visit events, excursions, exhibitions. The electronic ticket is subject to mandatory exchange for a Ticket at the Ticket offices in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement.


2.1. The agreement regulates the relationship between the Client and the Center in terms of purchasing an Electronic Ticket and further exchanging an Electronic Ticket for a Ticket.
2.2. The agreement is a contract between the Client and the Center, regulates the use of the Site by the Client.
2.3. Words and expressions in capital letters under the text of this Agreement, unless specified directly in the text of such agreement, have the meanings provided for them in Section 1 of this Agreement.